Dog owners, are you tired of your dog's bad breath?

Bad breath in dogs can be caused by many things, such as bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Left untreated, these can lead to more serious dental problems. That's why it's important to start using a good toothpaste for dogs as soon as possible. In this article, we will explore some of the best options on the market and help you choose the perfect one for your furry friend!

You want a toothpaste that will be gentle on your dog's teeth and gums but still effective at fighting bad breath. You also want something that is affordable and easy to use. Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there!

Read this article to find out which toothpaste is the best for your dog!

How We Choose

You love your dog, but you don't love the plaque and tartar that builds up on their teeth over time.

Just like humans, dogs need their teeth cleaned regularly to avoid plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss.

We've read through thousands of customer reviews to bring you the best toothpaste for your pup.

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste

Freshens Breath and Gently Cleans Away Plaque and Tartar

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a toothpaste that's both gentle and effective, then Vet's Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste is a great choice. It's formulated with a soothing blend of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes. This combination helps to freshen breath and gently clean away plaque and tartar. Plus, your dog will love the great taste! You'll notice a difference in your dog's teeth - they'll be brighter and whiter after using this toothpaste.

What You Should Know

As a dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend. That includes their dental care. You may be wondering, what is the best toothpaste for dogs? According to customers, it is this Vet’s Best dental gel. It has a 4.5 rating on Amazon with over 59,000 customer reviews.

This toothpaste is a great choice for your dog because it is vet-recommended and made with natural ingredients that are safe for them to consume. The same great formula is now available in an easy to use squeeze tube. This makes it easier to get the toothpaste onto your dog’s brush and into their mouth.

Plus, the tube is recyclable. Order Vet’s Best dental gel today and give your dog the best possible dental care.

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Best Bad Breathe Eliminator

Reduces Plaque, Freshen Breath, and Ensure a Clean Mouth

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Why We Love It

Looking for an enzymatic toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs and cats? Look no further than Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste! This toothpaste uses an enzyme system to reduce plaque, freshen breath, and ensure a clean mouth. Plus, it includes no foaming agents so it's safe for pets to swallow.

Veterinary professionals recommend Virbac dental products, and this toothpaste is made in the USA. Plus, your pet will love the poultry flavor! Give your pet the gift of fresh breath and a clean mouth with Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste.

What You Should Know

Looking for a toothpaste that will help reduce plaque and freshen your dog or cat's breath? Look no further than Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste! This toothpaste uses an enzyme system specifically designed for pets, and is made right here in the USA.

It's also an Amazon Choice product with over 26,000 customer reviews and a 4.5 star rating - so you can be sure your pet is getting the best of the best. Plus, it comes in a poultry flavor that pets love, making brushing their teeth a breeze. And because it doesn't contain any foaming agents, it's safe for them to swallow. So why wait? Give your pet the gift of good oral health today with Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste!

Arm & Hammer for Pets

Best Tartar Control Kit

Includes 1 Dental Kit

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Why We Love It

Looking for a toothpaste that's gentle yet effective on your dog's teeth? Look no further than the Dog Dental Kit from Amazon. This best-selling toothpaste has a 4.5 rating with over 35,000 customer reviews and is a great choice for reducing tartar buildup, eliminating bad breath, and whitening and brightening your dog's teeth.

The kit comes with everything you need for easy at-home dental care, including a dental brush, finger brush, toothpaste, and Storage case. Plus, it'sVeterinarian recommended and made in the USA with ingredients that are safe for your dog to ingest. So why wait? Give your dog the gift of a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums with the Dog Dental Kit today!

What You Should Know

Arm & Hammer for Pets Dental Kit is the gentle yet effective way to reduce tartar buildup, eliminate bad breath, and brighten your dog's teeth. The natural ingredients in this tasty beef-flavored toothpaste ensure optimal dental health for your dog.

For first time brushers, put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and invite the dog to lick it off. Slowly progress to rubbing your finger along the gum line and teeth. For best results, brush 2-3 times per week. Your dog will love the taste of Arm & Hammer for Pets Dental Kit, and you'll love the healthy smile on your furry friend's face!

Dog Toothpaste FAQs

Does your dog need toothpaste?

Yes. Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth brushed regularly with toothpaste in order to remove plaque and bacteria. Dogs can also benefit from dental chews and/or water additives that help reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

How does dog toothpaste work

Dog toothpaste works similarly to human toothpaste. It helps to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums, freshens breath, and whitens teeth. It is important to use dog toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs, as human toothpaste can be toxic to dogs if swallowed.

Will dog toothpaste remove tartar

Yes. Dog toothpaste is specifically designed to remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth. It's important to use a toothpaste that is designed for dogs, as human toothpaste can be harmful if swallowed.

Toothpaste should be applied to a dog's teeth using a finger or a cloth, and should be left on the teeth for at least two minutes before being rinsed off. Regular brushing with dog toothpaste can help keep your dog's teeth healthy and free of plaque and tartar.

Does dog toothpaste really work

Toothpaste for dogs will help to clean your dog's teeth and freshen their breath, just like it does for humans. It is important to use toothpaste specifically designed for dogs, as human toothpaste can be harmful if swallowed.

Dog toothpaste usually comes in a flavors like beef, chicken, or malt that your dog will enjoy. It is important to brush your dog's teeth at least once a week (more often if they have bad breath) in order to help keep their teeth healthy and clean.

Can dog toothpaste be used on cats

While it is not toxic, it can be irritating to cats' eyes and gums. So it's probably best not to use dog toothpaste on cats. Instead, try a cat-specific toothpaste or just a small amount of water.

Is dog toothpaste the same as human toothpaste

No, not really. Dog toothpaste is designed to be safe for a dog's mouth and will typically not contain flouride. Human toothpaste, on the other hand, contains flouride which can be harmful if ingested by a dog.

That’s it for our guide on the best toothpaste for dogs! We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. As always, we appreciate your support and will continue to bring you the latest tips and tricks to help keep your home thriving. Thanks again for stopping by!