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Your dog deserves only the best, so why settle for anything less? Give them a gift that they'll love and that will show how much you care. With our wide selection of dog gifts, you're sure to find something that's perfect for your pup!

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How We Choose

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for your dog that they'll love and you'll feel good about.

Most people just buy their dogs whatever they happen to see at the store, but this can often lead to disappointment for both the dog and the owner.

We take a different approach. We read through thousands of products and customer feedback in order to bring you only the best gifts for your pup. From cozy beds to fun toys, we have everything your dog needs to be happy and comfortable.

PAWNISAW Christmas Dog Toys

Best Christmas Bundle

4 Piece Set

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Why We Love It

Are your four-legged friends ready for Christmas this year? Then give them the gift of PAWNISAW’s Christmas Dog Toy Set! This delightful set contains everything your canine companion needs to make the most of this festive season. Included in the box are two squeaky toys – a Santa Claus and a Christmas Wreath – plus two cotton rope toys – a Christmas Cane and an Elk. These fun and festive designs help create an joyful and merry atmosphere, allowing you and your fur family to spend quality time together.

Plus, these lovely toys have been crafted with great care - both of them are composed from non-toxic and non-irritating fabrics that are soft, comfy, and harmless for your pup's teeth and skin. They also feature soothing squeaking sounds that can draw attention of pets, enriching their toy play. So why not get them so everyone has something special under the tree this year! Let PAWNISAW help your precious pooch enjoy a happy holiday!

What You Should Know

Christmas is just around the corner, and what best gift to give your best friend than this amazing Christmas toy set? This special set contains four best gifts for dogs of all sizes! The five point five inches by five point five inches wreath, the three point three inches by seven point five inches Santa Claus, the four point three by five point seven Elk, and the three point five by eight point three Christmas Cane are perfect toys for small, medium, and large size doggies.

Not only that but these best gifts for dogs come with two soft cotton rope toys that will not harm pup's teeth. Chewing on these cute shaped toys can help clean up pup's teeth and improve dental health. These best gifts for dogs also double as a stylish Christmas decoration - so grab one today and make your home merry and bright!

4 Pack Merry Christmas Xmas Dog Bandanas

Best Christmas Bandanas

Set of 4 Reversible Bandanas 

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Why We Love It

Get your pup ready for the festive season with this 4 Pack Merry Christmas Xmas Dog Bandanas! This set of four bandanas is perfect to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your dog’s day-to-day dress up. With eight styles available in total, each one features festive prints and classic lattice patterns. Each dog scarf also features different holiday pattern prints on the front side and timeless classic plaid patterns on the back side.

What’s more, these adorable Christmas puppy bandanas can be put to use in many occasions – such as photo-shoots, birthdays, weddings, or just everyday wear! Ensure that your furry friend stands out in the crowd and make sure you are sending them off into the New Year with all the latest trends with their own set of 4 Pack Merry Christmas Xmas Dog Bandanas!

What You Should Know

This Christmas, give your best friend some festive love in the best way possible – a delightful doggie bandana! Coming as an easy-to-fit 26x17 inch triangle, this bandana can be folded over multiple times to ensure that your pup's chest is kept safe from drool and dirt. It's perfect for small to medium size dogs such as Pomeranians, French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs and more - up to 21 inches in neck size - and won't pose any risks of discomfort or injury. Show your pet just how much you care this season by giving them the best gifts of all: lots of love, attention and a stylish Christmas bandana!

Funny Cute Dog Gifts for Dog Birthday

Best Plush Squeaky Toy

Squeaky and Inner Whistle

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Why We Love It

Make your pup’s special day even more memorable with a present from our Funny Cute Dog Gifts for Dog Birthday! The Christmas dog chew toys are perfect for giving your furry friend the gift of playtime and relaxation. With squeakers built-in, your pup will be enticed to give the toy head a squeeze - releasing their anxiety and reducing destructive behavior in the process.

Plus, the teething toys can help massage your pet’s gums and keep their teeth clean, making them not just interesting and fun, but also beneficial to their health. Make sure to get one of the Funny Cute Dog Gifts today so you can show your four-legged family member just how much they mean to you!

What You Should Know

Dog chew toys made with soft material are one of the best gifts you can give your cute puppy. They're safe and comfortable, while never hurting your dog's tender teeth like some hard toys might. Plus, this special toy is designed with a waterproof fabric to stop saliva from leaking inside. And to make it extra durable, it has a double suture process that ensures it can stand up to all kinds of playtime! Not enough? The Christmas dog toy comes with an added bonus: a built-in whistle that makes noises when pressed or bitten so playing with your pup is even more fun!

Best Dog Gift FAQs

It can be tough to find the perfect gift for your dog, especially if you don't know where to start.

Not all gifts are created equal, and it's important to get your pup something they'll love. Plus, you want them to be comfortable and safe when they're around, right?

Our dog gift selection is curated by our family who read thousands of products and customer feedback. We only choose the best gifts for your furry friend, so you can rest assured knowing that they'll love their new toy or accessory.

What is a good Christmas present for a dog?

There are a lot of different things that would make good Christmas presents for dogs, but some of the most popular gifts include dog food, treats, toys, and clothes.

If you're looking for something specifically related to Christmas, then a festive Santa hat or scarf would be a good option. Or if your dog is into playing fetch, then a new toy ball or stick would be perfect. And don't forget about the treats – most dogs love getting a special holiday-themed snack to enjoy!

How can I spoil my dog for Christmas?

There are a few different things you can do to spoil your dog for Christmas. One option is to get them some new toys. Dogs love getting new toys, and they will be sure to enjoy playing with them. You can also buy your dog some treats or a new bed. If you really want to spoil your dog, you could even get them a new collar or leash. Whatever you do, make sure your dog knows that you love them and that you are happy they are part of your family.

What should I get my dog for Christmas that doesn't like toys?

There are a few different things you could get your dog for Christmas that doesn't involve toys. One option would be to get them a new collar or leash. Or, if your dog is into getting dressed up, you could buy them a new holiday-themed bandana or sweater. Some dogs also love treats, so you could get them a large bag of their favorite snacks. Whatever you do, make sure whatever you get your dog is something that they'll enjoy and be excited about!

Do dogs Know It's Christmas?

Apparently, dogs can indeed sense when Christmas is coming. They know when we start putting up the decorations, playing Christmas music, and wrapping presents. Dogs love the holiday season because they know it means they'll be getting lots of attention and treats!

What do dogs love about Christmas?

There are probably as many different answers to this question as there are dogs, but some of the things that dogs may love about Christmas include:

- Getting lots of treats and being spoiled rotten by their human family members.

- Seeing all the decorations and lights around town.

- Going for walks in snowy weather.

- Playing with new toys.

- Spending time with loved ones.

Do dogs get stressed at Christmas?

Yes, dogs can get stressed at Christmas. One thing that might help is if you have a dog that's used to getting a lot of attention, make sure to give them plenty of love and attention during the holiday season. If your dog is used to getting a lot of exercise, make sure you continue to provide them with plenty of exercise during the holidays. And if your dog is used to having a lot of freedom, try to keep their environment as close to normal as possible during the holidays.

One thing you don't want to do is leave your dog alone for long periods of time during the holiday season. Dogs can get stressed out when they're left alone, and this can lead to behavior problems. 

Do dogs feel thankful?

In one study on dog gratitude, researchers found that when owners performed specific actions that were associated with providing care for their dogs (e.g., providing food and water, walking and playing with the dog), the dogs showed more signs of relief after being separated from their owners than when they were not separated. This suggests that dogs feel grateful towards their owners for taking care of them.

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