Looking for the perfect book to give your 4th grader this school year?

Whether it's adventure, mystery, history, or fantasy your 4th grader is looking for, we have just the right thing! We're confident that with our helpful list of books, they'll not only learn something new but also discover what kinds of literature are their favorites.

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How We Choose the Best Books for 4th Graders

When looking for the best books for 4th graders, we take into account a variety of criteria. We make sure to take into consideration their maturity level and that what they're reading is age-appropriate.

We also consider the quality of writing, reviews from other parents and librarians, as well as the entertainment factor each book offers. From classic children's literature to new bestsellers, our reviews are sure to help you find the perfect book for your 4th grader.

We also make sure to keep our selection diverse so that every child can find something they enjoy. So without further ado, let's dive into the best books for 4th graders.


Editor's Pick

This captivating and colorful adventure that reads like a modern day fairy tale, from the bestselling author of the Shatter Me series is the perfect gift!

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Why We Like It

This magical, unforgettable adventure will be a timeless classic for readers of all the students. A stunningly written and imaginative classic tale Furthermore explores the power of friendship, family, and self-acceptance in an exciting new world full of color and magic. A must-have book that children will treasure.

The perfect gift for any young advanced readers! A fun and thought-provoking story that will help tomorrow's kids to explore their own identity, self-confidence, and acceptance of others. A joy to read and highly recommended. So if you're looking for a captivating and magical world read, look no further! Furthermore is sure to leave you spellbound. A book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished.

What You Should Know

The Futhermore storybook is an immersive experience of magic and adventure. Children will be captivated by the vivid descriptions and fantastical creatures that appear throughout the book. Relatable characters and a strong storyline will draw readers in, encouraging them to keep turning the pages.

This exciting story will have 4th-grade kids questioning reality as they discover new realms of possibility. Best of all, this journey isn’t just about entertainment — it teaches valuable life lessons along the way such as friendship, family, and self-acceptance. If you’re looking for a gift that will excite your 4th grader and help them grow intellectually, look no further than Tahereh Mafi’s book Furthermore.

Merci Suárez Changes Gears

Winner of the Newbery Medal

A New York Times Bestseller

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Why We Like It

Merci Suárez Changes Gears is a powerful and uplifting story about the complexities of family, the joys and challenges of growing up, and understanding yourself. Meg Medina’s beautiful writing captures Merci's feelings in an honest way that will resonate with readers of all ages.

Best of all, this book is full of touching moments and meaningful lessons that will stick with readers long after they’ve finished it. Merci is a relatable character, making the true story easy to connect to and even easier to love. If you’re looking for an inspiring read with a heartfelt message, this book is a must-have for your 4th grader! An outstanding addition to any library. Highly recommended by our team.

What You Should Know

This book is perfect for fourth graders looking for a coming-of-age story. Merci Suarez's Changes Gears is an inspiring and emotional story about family, friendship, and fitting in. Through her journey of self-discovery, young readers can relate to the struggles and triumphs of growing up. Plus it has been recognized with a Newbery Medal, so you know it's a great book.

The beautiful writing and vivid characters make this story truly come alive. Best of all, the themes and lessons explored in the book will stay with readers long after they finish reading. So if you're looking for an engaging read to give your 4th grader this middle school year, Merci Suarez Changes Gears is a perfect choice.

We're Not from Here

NY Time Best Seller 

Editor's Pick

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Why We Like It

We’re Not from Here is a thrilling and imaginative story of intergalactic relations that readers won't soon forget. Through humor, insight, and adventure Geoff Rodkey explores issues of belongingness and acceptance in a unique interplanetary setting. Best of all, this book gives 4th graders the chance to think about how we interact with and understand others in a thought-provoking way.

With this book, young readers will be encouraged to think differently about our place in the universe. Also, the story is full of exciting scenes and colorful characters that will make readers laugh out loud. If you're looking for an unforgettable book to give your 4th grader, We’re Not from Here is a great choice.

What You Should Know

We’re Not from Here is a great book for 4th graders as it provides an interesting and informative story about life on a distant planet and the struggle for acceptance and understanding. It’s a funny story with an engaging plot, memorable characters, and plenty of action that will keep 4th graders interested and entertained.

With its thoughtful take on friendship, empathy, and diversity, this book combines adventure and heart-warming moments while providing readers with an important message about acceptance and understanding. Highly recommended! If you’re looking for a great book to give your 4th grader We’re Not from Here should be at the top of your list! A fantastic read that is sure to provide hours of entertainment and education.

Weird Little Robots

Best for Science Lovers

When two science-savvy girls create an entire robot world, they don’t expect the robots to come alive. But life may be a bit more magical than they thought.

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Why We Like It

Weird Little Robots is the perfect book for 4th graders who love adventure and fantasy. Readers will be captivated by Penny Rose’s adventures with her little robots and will enjoy watching them come alive through her creativity and imagination.

Best of all, this book teaches reluctant readers that they can create their own space in the world war ii - no matter their age or their circumstances. With beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming story, Weird Little Robots is an inspiring read that 4th graders will love. The illustrations are a bonus, as they help to bring the story alive and make it even more enjoyable.

What You Should Know

The Weird Little Robots is a delightful story about the power of friendship, courage, and creativity. Best suited for 4th graders aged 8-10 years old, this book offers a unique and imaginative story that children will love.

The illustrations are delightful and add an extra layer of engagement to the story. Children will learn important lessons about friendship and bravery while reading this charming tale. This is sure to be a hit with fourth grade everywhere. The Weird Little Robots is an excellent choice for readers of all ages who want to explore the power of friendship, courage, and creativity.


Now a musical on Broadway and streaming on Netflix!

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Why We Like It

Matilda is an incredible story that 4th graders will love. It’s a heartwarming tale of courage, resilience, and friendship that never fails to entertain. Best of all, this book is illustrated with beautiful images by Sarah Walsh and includes the compelling story and unabridged text of roald dahl classic story.

With its powerful message about standing up for what’s right, Matilda will inspire 4th graders and encourage them to be brave in the face of adversity. The illustrations add an extra layer of engagement and excitement that children will love. So if you’re looking for an epic adventure that will keep 4th graders entertained and inspired, Matilda should be at the top of your list.

What You Should Know

It encourages children to strive for excellence despite their seeming insignificance, instilling self-confidence and courage. Matilda is the perfect book for 4th graders. It tells a funny yet motivational story about an extraordinary young girl who doesn’t let her difficult circumstances stop her from achieving great things. It also contains a strong moral lesson: that even when faced with hardship, it’s possible to overcome it.

Best of all, the book combines humor and adventure, which is sure to captivate your 4th grader. So if you're looking for a book that will keep your 4th grader entertained and help them learn valuable lessons about courage and perseverance, Matilda is a perfect choice! With its inspiring story, humorous characters, and captivating illustrations throughout by Sarah Walsh, Matilda is a must-have for any 4th grader's bookshelf.

Best Books for 4th Graders FAQs

Is it important to give 4th graders books to read?

Yes! It is incredibly important to give children of this age books that both engage and inform them. By reading, they are developing their comprehension skills, being exposed to new perspectives, and growing their vocabulary.

What do 4th-grade boys like to read?

4th-grade boys can enjoy a variety of books. Popular genres among this age group include adventure, mystery, science historical fiction, and fantasy. Books that feature protagonists with which they can relate in terms of their age and experiences are also popular choices.

What do 4th-grade girls like to read?

Similar to young boy, 4th-grade girls often enjoy books filled with adventure, mystery, and fantasy. However, they may also be drawn to stories that feature more female-centric protagonists and themes such as friendship or family. Books about animals can also be a great option for 4th-grade girls.

How old is a 4th grader?

Typically, a 4th grader is between 9 and 10 years old. However, this can vary depending on the school they attend and their specific age range within that grade.

How long should a 4th grader read each day?

It is recommended that 4th graders should read for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day. This can help them build literacy skills and foster an appreciation for reading.

What are the best books for 4th graders?

The best books for 4th graders depend on their individual preferences, interests, and reading levels.

What do kids study in 4th grade?

In 4th grade, children typically study language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. They may also have the opportunity to take part in music or art classes.

At What level should a 4th grader be reading?

Ideally, a fourth grade students should be reading at or above grade level. This can vary depending on the individual student and their learning needs.

Should a 4th grader be able to read independently?

By the end of 4th grade, many students should have the ability to read independently. However, this may vary depending on their progress and reading level.

What is the best way to encourage a 4th grader to read?

The best way to encourage a 4th grader to read is to make it fun! Let them choose books in genres or topics that they enjoy and find ways to make the experience enjoyable, such as reading aloud together or hosting book club meetings.

Best Books for 4th Grader For You

When it comes to selecting books for 4th graders, there is a multitude of options to choose from. This comprehensive product review highlighted some of the best choices available; each one loaded with engaging stories and activities that will capture the imagination of younger minds.

The summarization satisfied both parents and teachers who are on the search for titles to provide 4th graders with an enjoyable reading experience. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary graphic novel, picking out books appropriate for their age group should always be considered to make sure kids stay interested in what they are learning.

With this helpful guide, finding just the right book to please your 4th grader is no longer a challenge – shopping for them has never been easier. Be sure to check out Best Books for 4th Graders today for all your educational needs.